Available in a spiritual bottle filled with freedom and pleasure.
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During the 17th century, Spanish ships reached Mexico with barrels of sweet raisin wine. Instead of going back empty, these barrels were filled with a magical slipslop known as Chiringuito. The long voyage back did miraculous things to the rum.

As it journeyed back to Spain, after stopping in Habana, Cuba, the barrels infused the Chinguirito with an aromatic and complex notes that delivered a so good rum, it quickly outsold other rums in Spain. It became so popular that it threatened the Spanish liquor economy causing the King of Spain, Felipe V De Borbón, to declare it prohibited.

Its production in the New World was considered as a criminal act for nearly a century. Now this liquid jewel’s comeback occurs after many years of prohibition and darkness, defying you to break frontiers and take a step into its sweet but dangerous flavors.

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Ron Prohibido is a premium artisan rum produced under a 12 year solera system. The truly distinctive taste, sweet and sour, is acquired by the combination of different blended rums aged in used raisin wine barrels. The resulted blend, is a wide range of flavors and delicious aromas.